Man killed by MRI Machine: How Deadly are they?

A 32-year old Indian man died on Saturday evening (27 Jan) at Nair hospital in Mumbai in a freak accident involving an MRI machine and an oxygen tank.

Rajesh Maru, 32, unfortunately passed on in a freak accident involving the MRI machine.

According to reports, the deceased, Rajesh Maru, was with his brother-in-law visiting his mother in the hospital, when he was instructed by doctors to bring an oxygen cylinder into the MRI suite she was in.

Upon entering the room, eyewitness’ reported a ‘strong force’ pulling Rajesh into the machine, pinning his hand holding the cylinder onto the MRI chamber, and causing the oxygen cylinder to break.

Example of a typical MRI Chamber

The ward boy and his brother-in-law attempted to free him, but only succeeded after the fingers on his hand holding the cylinder were severed, and when Rajesh had already inhaled huge amounts of concentrated oxygen. He was stated to have been bloodied in many other parts of his body as well.

It is reported that the deceased passed on prior to reaching the emergency ward. 3 hospital staff have been arrested for causing death by negligence.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines are used for scanning extremely detailed images of the human body, using magnetic fields and radio waves. It is often employed when diagnosing strokes, tumors and aneurysms.

Typically, a patient in an MRI lies on a movable table before being slid into a chamber. Under normal circumstances, the patient would not be able to feel anything.

However, an unbreakable rule of MRI chambers is stringent checks for absolutely no metal objects in the chamber. Due to the strong magnetic fields induced from an MRI machine, something seemingly harmless like a stapler (as shown in the video) can become a dangerous projectile.

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