Man threw Facebook “friend” 7m down from car park

A 27-year-old man is on trial for murdering a Pizza Hut waitress by hurling her over a railing at a multi-storey car park. She fell nearly 7 metres down. Prior to this, he had pushed her down a flight of stairs. Their relationship? A pair of Facebook “friends”.

How they met:

The part-time waitress, Ms Atika Dolkifli had lent her spare mobile phone to Syed Maffi, a Facebook “friend” upon learning that he did not have one. Unfortunately for him, the phone became faulty and he had to spend $135 on repairs.

Source: Dolkifi Shariff, Ms Atika Dolkifli

He then proceeded to lie to Ms Atika about the cost and wanted a reimbursement of $300. Unwilling to be scammed, Ms Atika avoided him when he turned up at her workplace and her home.

The day she died:

On 31st August 2015, Syed Maffi arranged to meet Atika and weirdly, she agreed. CCTV cameras captured the pair entering a multi-storey car park at 9.47pm

At 10.33pm, Syed Maffi came out alone with Atika’s handbag. She was nowhere to be seen.

What happened:

Despite initially denying being involved in Ms Atika’s death, Syed Maffi eventually admitted to attacking her in anger when confronted with the CCTV footages. He admitted to pushing Ms Atika down a flight of stairs, causing her to hit her head on the edge of a step. In a fit of anger, he continued by dragged her off the remaining steps and grabbed her by her collar and trousers. The incident ended with him throwing her off the railing.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

The woman was found to have died from the fall and not from knocking her head on the step.

Syed Maffi even kept Ms Atika’s own phone and left her handbag in a covered drain nearby.

Sentence for Syed Maffi:

If convicted of murder, Syed Maffi faces the death penalty or life imprisonment.

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