Man WINS $18,500 from 987FM mystery-sound contest

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Is that a bird…? Is that a plane…? No, it is… The sound a computer monitor makes when its height is being adjusted. For the man who could distinguish that sound in a guess-the-mystery-sound contest held by Mediacorp radio station, 987, he won $18,500 on Thursday (May 3).

The winner, an IT engineer only known as Mr. Lee, managed to guess the correct answer after the contest broadcasted on air had only heard all the incorrect answers for more than five weeks.


The 987 mystery sound contest began on Mar 26 and awards a cash prize if listeners can correctly guess a mystery sound, which is played for three seconds.


The cumulative cash prize, which started off as $5,000 on the first day, would see a stack of an additional $500 when there were no correct guesses for the day.


There were no hints given for the mystery sound, which stumped the listeners, and the station reportedly received more than 200 calls with incorrect guesses. Even the 987 DJs themselves were clueless.


Celebrities who were at the station for interviews were also given their shot at the contest. Record producer and multi-instrumentalist Zedd thought it sounded like “a saw or something cutting”.


If the man has a superpower, his sense of hearing would be it.

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