MASSIVE GANG FIGHT outside ITE Simei campus, police investigating

As the great Chinese thinker Confucius preached, “君子动口不动手”, which roughly translates
to: a gentleman does not use his fists, but his words. Unfortunately this group
of Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students evidently did not subscribe to his teachings, as they engaged
in a massive Fight Club-esque brawl right outside campus.
A video showing a large group of ITE students brawling it out has gone viral yesterday on various social media platforms. In the video several students in uniform could be seen kicking and punching one another while a larger group watched close by. The fight even seemed to involve the use of a shared bike as a weapon of sorts which could be seen lying abused as the fight went on.



It was alleged that the fight started because one student ratted on another student for not doing homework. Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal of ITE College East confirmed to reporters, stating:
 “The incident took place outside ITE College East. We take a serious view of the matter and do not condone such behaviour.”
He added that the college is investigating the incident and will take proper action against students found flouting school rules. The police is also involved in the case after a police report was lodged yesterday. Investigations are ongoing.SingaporeGo believes such incidents paints ITE in a negative light. Hopefully the students involved will learn the folly of their ways.

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