McDonald’s says staffs should be ‘Treated with Respect’ after Verbal Abuse by man over ice cream

After the video of a man hurling vulgarities at an employee of McDonald’s went viral on Thursday, 15 Mar 2018, they commented that their staffs are humans as well, and “should be treated with respect” during their job.

Screengrabs from the viral video

The two videos were uploaded onto Facebook that day quickly went viral, when numerous netizens criticizing the man for his verbal abuse on McDonald’s staff for doing her job.

The employee appears to be an elderly, was joined in shortly after by another employee who can be heard apologizing to the man and explaining it was all a misunderstanding.

The man, still not satisfied with their apology, demands to see the higher management, saying “I want to see what action you all do to her,” before shouting some vulgarities and slamming the counter.

He was served with ice cream but does not seem to be satisfied with the outcome.

He then screamed “I got money to buy many ice cream” before walking off without his dessert.

A McDonald’s spokesman said “”We are aware of this incident that took place in our restaurant (on Thursday). While our employees strive to do their best everyday to serve our customers with care, we also hope that any unintended misunderstandings can be resolved amicably.”

“We believe that under any circumstance, our employees – just like any human being – should be treated with respect, and do not deserve to be shouted at in the manner as portrayed in the video,” the spokesman added.

S’porean Man at McDonald’s Hurls Vulgarities at Cashier over Ice Cream


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