Meet Quokka – the Happiest Animal on Earth!

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With the recent increase in popularity of nature documentaries, many are interested to know animals living on our planet. Streaming giant Netflix recently released a documentary, “Our Planet” and made a strong statement on the importance of balance in our ecosystem. Avengers star, Chris Hemsworth has also displayed his love for the furry little gems of Western Australia on his Instagram. And just like how the Quokka has managed to put a smile of Hemsworth’s face, they definitely will put one on you too!

But are the smiles all there is about a Quokka? Well, I beg to differ and here’s why!

  1. Quokkas belong to the same family as Kangaroos!

Despite being the smallest member of the “bigfoot” family, Quokkas can actually grow up to the size of a domestic cat! Their feet are unusually big for their size and have extremely sharp claws that can give bad cuts! Quick on their feet and using their forelimbs to grasp branches for food, Quokkas truly know how to get what they want.

  1. The story behind that million-dollar smile.

The iconic smile of a Quokka is simply just an evolutionary feature to regulate their body temperature by panting in Australia’s warm climate. But beyond the doe-eyed wide smiles you’ve seen in photos, pissing one off can get you injured. The Rottnest Island Infirmary treats many patients each year simply for Quokka bites, so make sure you keep a safe distance! Or just avoid pissing them off!

  1. The Quokka has got a strong determination.

While pandas do anything to protect their offsprings, a Quokka mother literally throws her baby to the predator to make a run. It is not that their fault, but simply in their nature to do anything to survive. Even as a herbivore, a Quokka eats plants that are high in water content and can survive months without drinking. So they are here to stay, and for a long time to come.

  1. But the population of wild Quokkas are sadly declining.

A surge in the popularity of Quokkas brought about an increase in visitors who tend to feed them with human food. But human food can make Quokkas sick and close contact with humans expose them to illnesses. Thankfully, the Australian government has legislation in place to protect their national treasures from the overfeeding and abuse of Quokkas. The natural habitats of Quokka are also lost due to bushfires and climate change, which endangers all wildlife on our planet too. But with care and proper protection, the population of Quokka has grew to half of its original since the Northcliffe Bushfire in 2015.

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