Mobike or ofo or oBike

Mobike vs ofo vs oBike


What’s the difference between the 3 bikes that have entered the market?

For those confused, Mobike is silver with dark orange/reddish highlights. oBike has 2 variants; the silver or white with light orange
highlights. ofo is the bright yellow one.

All 3 of them share similar features in terms of access and set up.


Image by Mobike


Mobike app for Apple and Android

Refundable deposit of $49. Money for credit system

$0.50 for 30 mins/$1 for an hour

Every top up will get a number of free rides

Reserve bike for 15 mins

Point system to reward proper behaviour and discourage misuse

Not difficult to find bicycles around your area



Unlocking bikes might be a hassle.

Only single gears


Image by ofo weibo



Recent upgrades on GPS and locking systems to rule out abuse and ease rider experience

Deposit of $39 upon registration

$0.50 per 30 mins/$1 per hour/Cap at $2 for the whole journey

Easiest to ride/ 3 adjustable gears/Lightest

Might be difficult to find bikes due to hoarding


No basket to place your things

Hard to locate



Image by oBike



oBike app for Apple and Android.

Deposit of $49/Students pay only $19

Widely available

Reserve bike for 10 mins

Point system to reward proper behaviour and discourage misuse

Referrals reward you with $3 ride coupon

$0.50 per 15 mins/$1 per 30 mins



Heavy/ Requires effort to go up slope