Monitor Lizard Climbs Up Door, RINGS Doorbell of HDB flat

Singapore has had its fair share of unusual animal sightings already this year, from otters crossing a pedestrian road at Bendemeer Court to a python eating a cat in Ang Mo Kio.

Snake spotted EATING Cat in Ang Mo Kio

Now, we have monitor lizards ringing doorbells.

On Monday evening, around the time the Singapore Budget 2018 was delivered, a family at Yuan Ching Road in Jurong West heard the doorbell ring.

According to Stomp reports, the family wondered who would be coming to visit at that time.

The mother of the family looked out through the peephole, where she “saw no one except a branch-like thing”.

When she opened the door, she was shocked to see a big monitor lizard hanging on the doorframe.

Monitor lizard on the doorframe. Source

She then called the police, who cordoned off the area. Officers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), came soon afterward.

The 2 Acres officers tried to capture the monitor lizard at the doorstep, but they failed and it ran away.

After a wild-goose/lizard chase where the lizard fled to a nearby minimart, the Acres officers eventually managed to catch it.

The video of the incident can be viewed here:

The monitor lizard is believed to be a water monitor lizard, the most common monitor lizard in Singapore, where its natural habitat here is at national wildlife reserves and reservoirs.

There have been increased sightings of these lizards in public places in recent years, most notably when one ran past the F1 track during the race in 2016.

Acres has stated that it receives 20-30 sightings of monitor lizards from the public a month.

The monitor lizard that was captured in this case was released safely back into the wild.

Should you encounter a wild animal in distress, you can contact Acres at 97837782.

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