Montigo Resorts – A Short Vacay 45-Minutes Away from Singapore

You’ve probably heard of Montigo Resorts but do you know exactly what this stunning resort has to offer? Here's how we spent our time here in our short getaway from the little red dot.

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In need of a break from Singapore, but also not willing to spend a bomb on travelling to faraway places? No, you are not destined to only go for staycations in Singapore! For those who frequently go on staycations, you’re probably bored of visiting the resorts in Singapore over and over again.

Finding a place for a short getaway was always a hassle for me, not until I considered getting out of Singapore. What if I told you that paradise lies just a mere 45-minutes ferry ride from Singapore?

Montigo Resorts mainly caters to Singaporeans so the majority of the staff there are able to speak and communicate fluently in English. Don’t be too surprised when you arrive here and only hear Singlish! Montigo Resorts caters to a wide age group and is perfect for every generation. If you are keen on a family vacation, Montigo is for you. If you are looking for a romantic rendezvous with your special someone, Montigo is the place to be. Seeing that this resort has a reasonably high rating, I knew where my next vacation would be.

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Day 1

To start off your journey, you will need to report at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and take a 45-minute ferry ride to Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal. Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal is significantly less crowded compared to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, which often sees large crowds of people. Good news! Since this ferry terminal has fewer human traffic, I was able to clear their customs clearance with ease. Lesser time spent at customs means more time for me to enjoy my vacation, what a good start!

Once you arrive, there will be Montigo staff waiting for your arrival. You should be able to identify them as they are clothed in their uniform, with the Montigo Logo displayed on it. Once I arrived, I approached the friendly staff to confirm my details on their name list. Once everyone on the name list has arrived,  we all proceeded to board the small bus which took us to the resort. Before you know it, and before your butts can warm the seats, we have already arrived at Montigo Resorts – in less than 5 minutes!

Upon arrival, complimentary welcome drinks were offered to us and we proceeded to check into our rooms at the reception lobby. The lobby was decked with Christmas decorations as we visited during the pre-Christmas season.

The reception staff were really welcoming and ready to help. She was very open to questions when we asked her about the complimentary wifi at the resort. Apart from the WiFi password, the staff service number is given to you so that you can WhatsApp them whenever you require their service, be it room cleaning or buggy services etc. This function proved to be very useful during our stay.

For checking-in, do take note that you need to pay a deposit of SGD 100 / night and it can be paid either by cash or credit card. This deposit will be returned when you are checking out. Since the official check-in time is 1500hrs and check-out time is 1200hrs, we were unable to check into our rooms first. So we charged towards Pantai Restaurant to kill some time before we could enter our rooms. Oh and our luggage? We weren’t prepared to drag them around of course so we handed them over to the staff and they were more than happy to store them for us!

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The restaurant features Indonesian Cuisine and they are known for their freshly caught seafood. After taking ages to look through their wide selection of dishes, we finally decided to order their chicken, crabs, kang kong and fish. While waiting for our food to arrive, we took a look at our surroundings. Our seats were located in an open-air area which was sheltered. Overall, the atmosphere there was great as we could still see and feel the natural breeze coming from the direction of the sea. Talk about a tropical escape!

Once our food arrived, we could smell the aroma of the spices that were used to cook our dishes. I’m not a foodie but I can at least say that I enjoyed my first meal here at Montigo. Thumbs up to the great service provided by the staff too!

Once it was time to check-in and when we got our access cards, we couldn’t wait to see our villa! As we stepped into our rooms, we were greeted with a stunning view of the coastal area! It was a sight to remember. The room was brightly lit by the natural light streaming in from the windows and the room also smelled like fresh linen, which gave the impression that the room was really clean. I am blessed to call this my home for the weekend!

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For my vacation, I stayed in the ‘Premier One-Bedroom Villa’, which is perfect for couples who want to have some alone time for the weekend! If you intend to travel with a larger group, Montigo Resort has villas with two, three, four and five bedrooms as well.

At the balcony, you will find a private infinity pool which provides a view of the shimmering blue sea. Lounge chairs are also available at the balcony if you want to bask in the sun and laze around! Did someone say relaxation?

After taking a break in our rooms, we set out again to explore the resort. Fortunately for us, the weather during our stay was brilliant with no sign of rain at all, which also meant that the weather was hot hot hot! We walked past the other villas and also explored the facilities that were available. There are two swimming pools at Montigo, Tadd’s Swimming Pool and Tiigo’s Swimming Pool. They have a fitness room, a tennis court and even a water sports centre for those of you who are more active!

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Next, we headed to the beach to enjoy the pleasant sea breeze and the sound of crashing waves. The beach was relatively clear of litter when we visited and I saw some of the guests jetskiing. If only I could gather enough guts to try them out too…

Shortly after we left the beach, we walked past Cafe Montigo and we couldn’t resist the temptation to grab some snacks. Cafe Montigo is a quaint and cosy place for you to laze around, with amazing food of course!  Several sofas and couches were scattered around the cafe for you to lounge on. For this meal, we ordered some cakes and coffee to satisfy our slight hunger.

Again, I’m not a foodie so don’t blame me for my inadequate description of the delicacies but I hope the pictures below bring justice to how good the food tastes!

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Once our tummies were satisfied, we departed for the jetty again to catch the sunset. The jetty is a reasonably long stretch of wooden tiles that protrudes out into the sea and there were several pavilions connected along the walkway. The sight before us is one that is not to be missed. Imagine the wind blowing at your face while you hear the soft crashing of waves as they approach the shore and recede thereafter. The breeze carries a lingering scent of the saltwater below as the sun slowly descends to paint the sky with an orange glow.

Wow, sounds amazing right? Well, you must see it to believe it! Just pack your bags and head to Montigo already! This sunset is definitely one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. The sunsets that you’ve seen in Singapore at East Coast Park is nothing like what we had seen during our stay here. I mean, how can you enjoy a sunset when there are kids shouting and the distant ding-ings of bicycle bells. Doesn’t sound as appealing as Montigo, right?

After catching a glimpse of the sunset, we then went ahead to the TIIGO Swimming Pool for a swim to cool ourselves down from the sweltering heat.

For dinner, we went to Tadd’s Restaurant, where they serve all day dining. This is also the venue where we will be having our breakfast the following day. Over here, we chose their BBQ Buffet, which is only available on Saturdays. The buffet spread had a wide selection of sizzling delights and it consists of stations for on-the-spot cooking of stir-fry vegetables/mushrooms and create-your-own-pasta. Some of the stations are located outdoors on a grass patch, which gives the place a campfire-like atmosphere. Apart from the deliciously good food, there is also a live band which provides entertainment to complement your dining experience.

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While dining, the family sitting beside us was celebrating the birthdays of their little ones. I was actually really impressed when a group of staff personally approached the little girl with a cake and sang a ‘Happy Birthday’ song for her.

Although we were stuffed after dinner, we still had a little room left for drinks so we headed for Tiigo Beach Club. The bar is mainly made up of outdoor loungers and cabana beds, and the place was adorned with neon lights, giving it a lively atmosphere! What better way to end off the day? Choose from their wide selection of cocktails and signature spirits, along with some delectable bar bites.

As it got later into the night, the resident DJ took to the stage and transformed the whole bar into a dance floor for the guests to dance to their heart’s content under the starry night sky. We stayed around here till it was time to say goodnight.

Day 2

To start our day, we went to Tadd’s Restaurant again for our complimentary breakfast. The buffet spread offers a wide variety of food items including freshly baked bread, omelettes (which are cooked on the spot), and even familiar food items like waffles and prata! This breakfast is catered to everyone because it serves so many different cuisines to suit everyone’s taste buds.

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As the check-out time approaches, we decided to have one last visit to the beach before it was time to say goodbye to Montigo. I really wished that we had spent a few more days at Montigo but the weekends are only so long. I made a promise to myself that I will be back here again, and of course, with a longer stay.

Special thanks to all the super friendly and helpful staff at the resort, who were always ready to attend to my needs. Throughout my stay, they have never failed to return my greeting with warm smiles.

Perhaps my stay wasn’t action-packed, but I’m proud to say that Montigo offers a wide range of activities for all to enjoy. You can choose to go for excursions like the Mangroves Tour, take part in water sports, or even get a full body massage here! For families with younger kids, fret not because Montigo also houses a Kid’s Club for them to spend their time. If you are keen on their activities, you can take a look at the range of activities that they provide here.

Some of the activities include:

  • Batam City Tour
  • Kampong / Nongsa Beach Bike Tour
  • Mangrove Tour
  • Airsoft Gun
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • Tilo Treasure Hunt
  • Batik Painting
  • The Chef Experience
  • Yoga Lessons

Like what you’ve just read and want to experience it first-hand yourself? Of course, you can!

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