Mother in India DROPS BABY from 3 storeys while trying to take a selfie on escalator

While some people choose to risk their lives to take death-defying shots while dangling from skyscrapers, a 10-month-old baby fell to her death at a shopping mall in India on Thursday (May 10), after she slipped out of her mother’s arms while her parents were, reportedly, preoccupied with taking a selfie on an escalator.

What was supposedly a day visit to the shopping mall in Ganganagar district in the north-western state of Rajasthan, quickly turned into every parents’ nightmare.


In the captured footage of the incident, it first showed the couple taking a selfie on a walkway next to an escalator at around noon, after taking their baby girl to a nearby clinic for a check-up.


The mother, clothed in orange, could be seen carrying her daughter and after exiting the frame, the couple reappeared on camera to ascend the escalator to the floor above.


According to the accounts of witnesses, the husband had asked his wife for a selfie while on the escalator, which caused her to lose her balance and subsequently drop the baby.


The baby had first hit the railing on the side, before falling from three storeys through the gap between the ledge and escalator.


Onlooking shoppers could only observe in shock while the expression of horror and anguish engulfed the baby’s mother.


The girl reportedly died instantly after hitting the ground and was pronounced dead at the hospital where she was rushed to.


Be mindful of your safety while using the escalator everyone! There is a reason why we are advised to behave.

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