Motorist sentenced to jail for causing own mum’s death

A 25 year old motorcyclist, by the name of Muzakkir Karim Mustaffa Kamal, received a 3 week jail term sentence on 25th Thursday, for ignoring the red light and ramming into a car. This resulted in the death of his mother who was riding pillion. Karim has also been banned from driving any vehicles for the next 4 years

Source: Todayonline

The accident occurred 1 day before his mum’s 47th birthday on 22nd Jan last year. Karim decided to beat the red light and unfortunately, collided with 29 year old Lee Wenbin’s car. Mr Lee is not as fault as he was following the the traffic rules.

The accident took place at the T-junction of Tampines Street 34 and Tampine avenue 7.

Source: channelnewsasia

Karim’s mum was unconscious when the paramedics arrived and despite surgery and ICU treatment, she was unfortunately pronounced braindead on 2nd Feb 2017. It is though surprising that the sentence for Karim only came almost 1 year later.

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