[Review] Camping? NAH, chose GLAMPING. Check out NEW Natra Bintan!

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Note: The Canopi Bintan has been rebranded to Natra Bintan (as of 1 August 2019).

How I Discovered Natra Bintan (The Canopi)

I first stumbled across Natra Bintan (The Canopi) through instagram ads, and was super awed at how gorgeous the rooms are and impressed at the whole concept of glamping.

You get the best of everything while glamping..

Seriously though, whoever thought of the idea of glamping is a genius. You get to stay in a tent and experience the fun parts of camping, but not compromising on the comfort as there are still proper beds and toilet facilities. Glamping is great because… you don’t have to dig a hole and do your business in the wilderness HAHAHA….

Getting There:

I got my Natra Bintan package from WeekendGoWhere so my ferry tickets as well as land transport was included in the price that I paid. Upon arrival at the Bintan ferry terminal, there were staff from Natra that guided us to the shuttle bus. It was that easy and fuss free. Canopi is also super close to the Ferry terminal. The bus ride was about 5 minutes.

d1 01 canopi

d1 02 canopi

Getting Around Natra Bintan

The whole resort is pretty huge. Not like huge huge because you can still walk around to get to places, but sufficiently huge. if you get what I mean… For those lazy bums like me, there are buggies and scooters options available!

d1 06 transport

The AMAZING room – Lagoon View Deluxe

Thinking about it now still makes me spazz a little. How can a room be so pretty? Can my room look like this too? Of all the different room types, I chose to stay in the Lagoon View Deluxe Tent.

I simply loved how open the room. As you can see from the picture above, there is more than one exit. Fear not about privacy though, the curtains are sturdy and thick, and of course there are doors too.

Even though the Lagoon View Deluxe Room is slightly more expensive than the Basic Garden Tent (I believe $80 more?), I can safely say that I didn’t regret my choice because the view was totally worth it!

Another reason to get the Deluxe Room is for the outdoor whirlpool!

The toilet is also super pretty!

If you are wondering whether or not to upgrade your tent, I would highly recommend that you do because it is really super worth!!

The Food

Breakfast Options

Under the WeekendGoWhere package that I bought, breakfast was complimentary. It was buffet style with quite a variety of food options. d2 02 breakfast

d2 04 breakfast

I LOVE bread, so this was the section where I settled my breakfast.

d2 05 breakfast

Patio Restaurant and Bar

There is also a restaurant by the lagoon called The Patio Restaurant and Bar. The ambiance is pretty good.

The burger that I ordered! Nothing amazingly special but delicious nonetheless.

Street Food

There is also a cheaper alternative for food at the food stretch! Get the indomee, it is superlicious!!

d1 14 lunch

d2 07 lunch

What’s Camping without BBQ?

To complete your glamping experience, you definitely need to have your BBQ meal. Do remember to book in advance with the staff!

The Activities

All guests are entitled to 15% off activities even after checking out as long as you wear the Canopi Guest wristband. While there, I tried the VR Movie as well and the airsoft gun. Total wallet damage was about SGD10. Reasonable price for a resort I guess.

d1 19 vr

d1 20 airsoft

Crystal Lagoon

All guest of Natra Bintan have complimentary access to the Crystal Lagoon. Have a swim, chill, suntan, and have water gun fights here!

You can also chose to rent super cool and pretty insta-worthy floats on a hourly basis! Charges apply so do remember to check!

Chill Cove

If you are like me that craves a little more oomph, consider getting the Chill Cove pass that is starting from SGD29/ person. Mine was a little more expensive because I opted for the Chill Cove MAX Pass instead of the basic pass. To know more about the different passes, click here.

There is also a package that includes a mangrove tour but I wasn’t quite interested in seeing fireflies at night because I’m hella scared of bugs. Nonetheless, I’ve linked the page here for those of you who are interested!

As for what to do at Chill Cove, it really depends on which pass you buy and what it entitles you to, but personal recommendation is to NOT give this Slip & Slide a miss. Why? 1: It is fun! duh… 2: It is one time payment with UNLIMITED rides.. major costs savings with maximized fun!!

The ATV that I’ve always wanted to try!! Only the MAX Pass covers the ATV rides.

To find out more about what you can do at Chill Cove, click here.

Overall Verdict:

It is a YES GO from me!! It is convenient to go (since it is at Bintan), the staff are friendly and professional, food is YUMMY, there are TONS of activities to do and the room is simply GORGEOUS. I truly enjoyed every single moment while at Natra. While I have to admit that the Canopi is not exactly the cheapest resort, I was happy to pay because it was worth the money and my experience was nothing short but amazing. Plus, to be fair, choosing Bintan over other countries also means that I get to save on air fare. 

Book Now!

Don’t say never jio! For ultimate cost savings, check out WeekendGoWhere! I booked my package from them and it was inclusive of 2-way ferry & land transfer, as well as complimentary breakfast. I also got my Chill Cove Mass Pass from them. Hassle free and convenient!

Contact WeekendGoWhere here (FB messenger) OR  Whatsapp +65 8202 3422 OR call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

Natra Bintan (Formerly known as The Canopi)

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