NDP 2018 song to be a modern remake of 1987’s We Are Singapore

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When you see the words “Wooh ho-oh oh!” strung together, chances are, you will be reminded of a certain cheesy and cringey tune that rings with them.


The bane of all National Day songs, 2013’s One Singapore gathered so much negative criticism, the creation of theme songs went on a hiatus the following year, breaking the 16-year annual tradition after the runaway success of Home.


The theme song for this year’s National Day Parade has been revealed to be a modern take on the 1987 classic We Are Singapore, updated by local singer Charlie Lim. Together with the song, the theme and logo of this year’s parade were also revealed to the media at The Float @ Marina Bay on Tuesday (May 22).

Mr Lim, who performed a live acoustic rendition of the song, said: “They wanted to refresh the song which was written in 1987 and was very relevant in its time, but I think now we want to look at things from a younger generation’s perspective.”


The 29-year-old spent a week watching YouTube videos of old NDP songs to figure out what could work in preparation for the song, and also admitted that he had felt the pressure of recording the song that most, if not all, Singaporeans know how to sing.


Themed to capture the unity of Singaporeans, NDP 2018 executive committee chairman Brigadier-General Alfred Fox said the theme for this year will be “We Are Singapore”. In addition, the logo encompasses the crescent and five stars within the typography of “SINGAPORE” sitting in a speech bubble.


This year’s parade, to be held at the floating platform on Aug 9, will involve almost 14,000 participants, volunteers and personnel behind the scenes and on stage- the largest number of participants ever at the floating platform venue.


Singaporeans can expect a spectacle at this year’s parade, just as they have in previous years!





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