Never breed then sell animals without license

A 26-year-old woman just received a fine of S$6,500 for the breeding and selling of cats. She was operating without the relevant licences in a separate flat.

The S$6,500 fine was based on two different crimes. A S$4,000 for breeding cats without pet farm licence and a S$2,500 for selling cats without pet shop licence.

It turns out that the woman was snitched on by her neighbours after AVA received feedback on the alleged sale of cats in a flat at Buangkok Crescent. But actually, maybe it is a good idea to report such illegal acts else you may be seen as an accomplice…

Also, this woman basically announced her crime to the world when she decided to use Facebook as a sales platform. She has posted pictures of kittens for sales on her Facebook page and sold two cats.

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