Never Do This when issued a Summon Ticket

Mohamed Hafidz Kamaldin, a 32-year-old jobless man, was seen throwing a cigarette butt into a drain. He was caught by Lance Corporal Lee Sin Nie and her partner but blatantly lied that he had thrown it into the rubbish bin.

Source: myqueenstown blog                             (That is not him)

He ignored the National Environment Agency (NEA) enforcement officers and walked away when they tried to record his particulars. The police were then involved and Hafidz had to go to Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre. At the centre, he became frustrated with Ms Lee as he believed that she had no right to record his particulars.

The police officers calmed him down and he was issued the summons ticket.


It was at this point a screw came loose and Hafidz decided to crumple up the ticket and throw it at Ms Lee’s face while she was explaining to him his offence.

Initially just a fine and warning, Hafidz now has to serve 2 weeks in jail too…

Hafidz could have been jailed for up to 4 years and/or fined for using criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging her duty. This is on top of the summon ticket for littering.

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