What!? A new dine-in option for Foodpanda?!

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Last year November, Deliveroo actually announced that it might soon expand its business to operate a dine-in restaurant in Singapore. However, according to The Business Times, Deliveroo had applied for a dine-in permit at its Katong Editions site, but to no avail. Although there are not tentative plans to reapply for the permit, Deliveroo will still explore the dine-in concept at its new Editions site, which will most likely be in the heartlands.

Fast-forward to a few months later, fellow competitor, Foodpanda, won the race and has beaten them to it, making them the first delivery service provider in Singapore to provide such offerings.


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Foodpanda will be opening a central kitchen with a dine-in space this Friday (23 March). The place will be called Favourites by Foodpanda and it will be located in Woodlands. Customers can now buy food from multiple eateries hosted in the kitchen in a single order.

The space also allows food delivery within a 5km radius, serving nearby districts such as Yishun and Sembawang.  Foodpanda’s managing director, Luc Andreani, mentioned that the reasoning behind the location was to bring more choices to their customers in the North since naturally there is also where organically they have the least amount of restaurants.

Despite having this new dine-in option, Foodpanda’s main focus still remains on delivery. Currently, Foodpanda is also looking at rolling out a self-collection on its app.

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Deliveroo has also expressed that they will be doing the same for its upcoming second central kitchen that will be launched in April. It is essential for the food delivery services to be constantly on the lookout for improvements to differentiate themselves and to have a competitive edge over their competitors.


We look forward to the creative ideas both Foodpanda and Deliveroo will have to offer in the future in order to push themselves to stand out from the competition.


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