New information system INDICATES CROWD LEVEL in MRT train cars

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In their latest effort to ease human traffic flow and heighten their passenger service, The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Monday (May 14) the pilot of a new Passenger Load Information System, which will display the load levels in each train car through LCD screens at the platform.

Three colour codes will be the indicators of this new system: Green indicates that the train car is not crowded and commuters have a high chance of getting a seat; amber means only standing space is available, with a low probability of seats; and red means there is limited standing space.


LTA aims to allow commuters to anticipate which cabins of an oncoming train are more crowded or are empty, and choose the appropriate platform doors to queue at- since Singaporeans are all about the queuing.


They added that this will help to channel more commuters to less crowded train cars for easier boarding and to maximise each train’s capacity.


First initiated at Downtown Line’s Downtown station on Monday morning, the new system will be extended to another five more stations, between Bugis and Chinatown, in the evening, and subsequently all 34 stations on the Downtown Line by next week.


The system will be constantly fine-tuned as it is developed over six months and the LTA will gather feedback through commuter surveys. The Yamanote Line in Tokyo has also implemented a similar system.


How the system works

Load sensors installed in the trains deliver data to the Passenger Load Information System, and is transmitted wirelessly at one-second intervals to the next train station. When the train arrives at the platform, the system also updates the loading information as passengers alight and board.


Yes, we are indeed grateful for an improved system and commute experience, but we will be more grateful if the new system does not further cause any unnecessary breakdowns lol!

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