New Samyang SUPER SPICY Carbonara Korean Ramen is here!!!

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Samyang Foods, the famous company who released the popular Spicy Korean Noodle, has created another awesome ramen.

This new variation is called the Super Spicy Carbonara (Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyun) Korean Ramyun.

By just looking at the name, my mouth is already watering~

Just look at this glorious stew of yummy noodle made from hell!

It is unconfirmed if the product has been made available in Singapore yet, but news on it is that they had plans to sell in Singapore.

Samyang Foods has commented that this product is not yet Halal certified, but they had plans to make it so in the near future, as the product does not contain any pork.

The heat level of this variant is far lesser than the 2x spicy version, but don’t underestimate as it will destroy you from the top down.

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