New Virtual mobile Telco Zero1 offers UNLIMITED data plan at one-third the price.

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Zero1, a new virtual mobile telco, will be launching a new unlimited mobile data plan at $19-a-month next month.

To put the price in perspective, Singtel offers unlimited mobile data for at least $108.80 a month, through an add-on called Data X Infinity to a basic plan.

M1’s mySIM3 98 unlimited mobile data plan costs $98 a month, but customers must sign a 12-month contract.

StarHub doesn’t have an unlimited data plan every day, only unlimited data on weekends for $24 a month with 3GB mobile data for the other days.

Starting today, you can pre-register for the $19-a-month unlimited data plan, which comes with 200 minutes of local talk time and 200 SMSes, at Zero1’s website.

The $19-a-month price is only for the first 3,000 customers. Customers after that will have to pay $29.99 a month.

Data speeds

Virtual mobile telcos do not own physical mobile networks, but lease them from existing Telcos.

Circles life

Singaporeans might be familiar with Circle’s Life, our first virtual telco, which leases from M1.

Zero1 leases its network from SingTel.

So, are data speeds for the unlimited data as fast as SingTel’s mobile data?

Well, the ridiculously cheap unlimited data comes with a catch.

The first 3GB of data a month will be at full Singtel network speeds. However, after that, unlimited data will be at managed speeds.

Specifically, download speeds of HD videos will be capped at a certain speed at the first 3GB is used.

So, the unlimited data might not be practical for continuous YouTube video-streaming.


However, you will still be able to download unlimited YouTube videos to watch them later.


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