No gaming! Hwa Chong Institution RESTRICTS usage of smartphones

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In this digital age, almost everyone owns a smartphone, so much so that smartphone addiction is becoming an increasing cause for concern.

For the interests of their students, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) has introduced new rules restricting smartphone use by its students this month to facilitate a better learning culture.


The school’s principal issued a letter to the parents and guardians of its students, informing them about the news, stating that the students will no longer be allowed to use their mobile devices for gaming or to view games between 7am and 2pm, noting that students often use their devices for such purposes before flag-raising and during recess.

As an elitist institution dedicated to learning, the school has also discussed with its students about the dangers of smartphone addiction.


However, those between secondary one and four are still allowed to bring their devices to school.


“The school leaders have communicated the rationale and implementation of this new mobile device regulation to all our students. The school will continue to allow the use of mobile devices for the purpose of teaching and learning in class, which will be guided by our teachers,” said Mr. Pang, HCI’s principal.


He also added that HCI aims to create “a more conducive learning environment and promote a healthy cyber culture through responsible use of digital technologies”.


Looking back, once upon a time not too long ago, there was hardly any data or wifi connection, but everyone seemed more connected. Nevertheless, change is the only constant and to survive, we must improvise, adapt and overcome.

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