NO more Bak Kwa from Malaysia

A Chinese New Year without Bak Kwa is just like a New Year Countdown without fireworks. Or a Singapore without SingaporeGo

It is obviously much cheaper to buy your Bak Kwa from Malaysia than Singapore, given the exchange rate from SGD to MYR is still about 1:3. Furthermore, it is a generally agreed fact that Bak Kwa from Malaysia taste better (debatable I guess).

Unfortunately, it is now illegal to buy Bak Kwa back to Singapore from Malaysia.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) issued a joint advisory on 19th Jan to follow some guidelines when bringing in items from overseas.

Let us just extract out the essential line for this article:

  • Pork from Malaysia and all other South-east Asian countries are not allowed even for personal consumption.

And if you are thinking of hiding the goods somewhere in your car, please don’t… The officers even manage to uncover the smuggling done in pastry or cookie packaging. I don’t even see how else you can hide your Bak Kwa without getting caught.

Bak Kwa
Source: FaceBook/Immigration & Checkpoint Authority

If you have always only been buying Bak Kwa from Malaysia, SingaporeGo has compiled a list of places to buy cheap and high-quality Bak Kwa here.

And also, if you are concern about whether you would be breaking the law with any of your Malaysia-bought goods, simply head over to AVA’s website

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