NUS Student Enrollment to Last 20 years, Lifelong Learning is Real

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Primary education lasts for 6 years. Secondary education usually lasts for 4 years. Tertiary education, on average, lasts for 2.5 years. Bachelor’s degree takes about 4 years. So you already spent 16.5 years studying, assuming you acquire a bachelor’s degree before you start working. That is a real lifelong learning…

Now, NUS wants to take a step further…

National University of Singapore

On 5th March, NUS announced its lifelong learning programme (L³). It is a programme which allows all of their 288,600 alumni to be eligible for publicly available Continuing Education and Training (CET). Alumni can also take selected courses which will reward them with graduate diplomas, or bachelor’s or master‘s degrees.

“NUS will treat every student enrolment as lasting for 20 years, and not just three or four years. It will help their students build their careers and learn for life through this period.”

-Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education

Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung

Source: The Online Citizen

This is a key policy by NUS on top of their other new policies. With this, Singapore can have a workforce that is capable of adapting to the rapidly evolving economy.

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With the first set of 500 courses starting in August, alumni can expect more to follow in phases. In addition, virtual vouchers will also be offered to alumni to waive the fee of one of its CET courses.

Further developed on existing initiatives, NUS alumni can take a maximum of two modules for free over a three-year period.

NUS graduation ceremony

Source: NUS


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