Obama to speak in Singapore at a Private Bank Event

Former US President Barack Obama will arrive in Singapore on the 19th of March this year. This will be his first visit after the step down.

Bank of Singapore has invited him over to speak at an event held privately by them.

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Former US President Barack Obama speaking at a private event held by SEEDS

Bank of Singapore CEO Bahren Shaari said: “For eight years, Mr Obama was the most powerful person in the world. And it is from this unique perspective that he will speak on the future of the global economy as well as Asia’s growing role.”

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Mr Bahren Shaari, current CEO of Bank of Singapore, posing for a photo.

As a subsidiary of OCBC bank, the private Bank of Singapore said to only be inviting a selected 1,000 clients and guests from around the world for this session.

Mr Bahren said: “As part of our client engagement efforts, we are always looking for unique opportunities where our clients can glean riveting perspectives from global leaders in fields such as finance, economics and investment.”

It is unclear the amount Mr Obama will be paid by the private bank, but NYT report said the fees have gone up to US$400,000 (S$529,000) per speech.

A spokesman for Mr Obama said: “Since leaving office, president Obama has spent his time doing public and private events, both paid and unpaid, that are true to his values and his record.”

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