Problems EVERY Singaporean Office Lady Has

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Let’s take a look at the life of Singaporean office ladies. Admit it, we’ve all been there. There’s probably more to the list, but here are the top 10 Problems EVERY Singaporean Office Lady faces all the time. Ladies, check if you have them. 
1. You are always rushing to get on the morning train. And on days where you reach the MRT station earlier than expected, you would board the next one because you want a seat for yourself until the destination.

Congested MRT 

2. The drink store owner mixes up your morning coffee order once in a while, even when you get the same one every morning. (when he/she gets busy)

3. Your colleague has a matching hairstyle as you.


4. It’s 35 degrees outside, but it feels like -10 degrees in your office. Sometimes it’s even warmer in your office than outdoors.

5. During lunch. You wanted to have ________________ so bad, but the queue is so long. 

6. You want to have some snacks during tea time but you know its sinful.

There was a survey in Europe by Dutch organic food maker Kallø has discovered that women who snack at work consume 100,000 extra calories each year and this is equivalent to an additional 50 days’ food intake. 

7. You forget to take your umbrella out to lunch and it rains.

8. Post-lunch food coma

9. The endless list of unread emails. (Are your emails flooding?)

10. Always looking forward to Fridays. (But sometimes you’ve to work over the weekends)

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