To all the ofo, oBike, Mobike and Gbike users! Read this before grabbing a nearby bicycle!

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Ever seen a shared bicycle in a canal?


Shared bicycle users who repeatedly park their bikes indiscriminately at least three times in one year will face a temporary ban from renting from any operators.


This new rule is under the Parking Places ( Amendment ) Act, which was passed in Parliament on Tuesday ( March 20 ).


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Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr. La Pin Min mentioned in Parliment that bicycle sharing operators will now have their fleet sizes regulated and will also be required to manage indiscriminate parking via “industry-wide” standards of geo-fencing, as well as to remove indiscriminately parked bikes “in a timely manner”. The Act also targets users who have parked improperly by holding them accountable.


Land Transport Authority will receive user data from the operators to track and ban inconsiderate users from renting across companies. In addition, user data will also be shared among fellow operators. However, fret not, the information shared will be limited to the extent necessary for implementing the collective ban.


In regards to the concerns about the potential vandalising or tampering with the static QR-code geo-fencing, there will be safeguards put in place to reasonably ensure that the scanning of static QR code geo-fencing cannot be gamed. For instance, by allocating each parking location with a unique QR code, users will only be allowed to end their trip if the scanned code matches the GPS location of the parked bike. In addition, LTA will also act promptly to replace the vandalised QR codes which have been damaged through user reports.


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