Ofo to implement preventive measures to avoid inappropriate use

Ofo to implement preventive measures to avoid inappropriate use 


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Chinese bike sharing firm, Ofo is finally enforcing concrete steps after reports of abuse and misuse.

Having videos, emails, pictures, and complaints plastered all over social media since its inception, the public has been alerted to the phenomenon of “why we can’t have nice things”.

As compared to its competitors, Mobike and oBike, Ofo seems to have borne the brunt of misappropriation.

Yesterday, Ofo announced it will release 500 new bicycles with smart locks which can be unlocked with upgraded integrative features in the mobile app using QR codes.

GPS tracking was also implemented to for easier user experience and proper administrative tracking.

These features were already included in Mobike and oBike at launch.

However, these changes are only applicable for the new bicycles and not the older models.

The mandatory one-time deposit of $39 on registration and subsequent $1 per hour is an added disincentive to prevent exploitation.

Previously, the user did not have to pay for registration and were only charged $0.50.

They have also announced partnerships with the Housing Development Board to increased parking zones within public housing estates.

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