Macdonal’s Ooey Gooey Chocolate Pie, available ONLY in this Country!

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McDonald’s Chocolate Pie Is the only Pie Singaporean wants now

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That’s exactly what McDonalds Korea has come up with the new Rich Chocolate Pie.

The pie, which was launched on August 14 which has sent netizens into a chocolate-craving tizzy.

The pie is filled with rich chocolate which oozes out when it is snapped in half.

Some who are fortunate to taste this dessert is said that the chocolate is not very sweet and it compliments with the crispy pie crust.

The new McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie is unfortunately available only in South Korea at the moment for 1,500 Korean won, which is around SGD$1.80.

Unfortunately for customers in Singapore, McDonald’s says it has “no immediate plans” to launch the product here but added that the fast food chain is “always on the lookout for interesting flavours to add some excitement to the menu”.

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