Orchard Gateway dessert shop finally APOLOGISES to 2-Star Review Customer and Public.

In the third installment of the Orchard Gateway Fantasy Desserts Trilogy, the F&B outlet has finally decided to apologise to both:

1) Celena Ho, the customer who gave it a 2-star review on Facebook, who they threatened to sue over and almost did.

2) The Public.

A look back at the saga so far:

Part 1: The Threat

Celena Ho, a customer, left a 2-star review on Fantasy Dessert’s Facebook page, which was removed.

She wrote an FB post protesting this, to which a company representative responded with her personal FB account.

Orchard Gateway Fantasy Desserts
The original review

There was a lot of back and forth arguing, with the F&B side threatening to sue Celena for defamation at some point.

It eventually devolved into ugly ad hominem attacks by the representative, and will probably remain for a long time as one of the worst PR disasters in local F&B history.

Part 2: The Letter

In a move that surprised many, the F&B outlet actually followed through their threat and sent a lawyer’s letter to Celena, demanding she removes her posts.

Orchard Gateway Fantasy Desserts
The lawyer’s letter, which included a clause demanding she remove her FB posts

Celena’s posts were in fact removed the next day, but the move angered many members of the public. Many on social media promised to boycott Fantasy Desserts.

Part 3: The Apology

In a move that reeked of behind the scenes PR infighting, Fantasy Desserts has issued an apology on their Facebook page today (2 Feb).

This time, they actually managed to apologise without sneaking in any of their own product advertisement.

However, it seemed apparent to the public that the move was out of desperation. After all, a quick look down their Facebook page shows it is saturated with angry comments and reactions.

Nonetheless, it is a sensible PR decision for damage control.

At the time of writing, Celena Ho’s Facebook post and profile are still down.

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