Orchard Gateway dessert shop THREATENED to SUE customer over 2-star Facebook review

Ever wonder how some F&B outlets maintain pristine Internet reviews, but when you visit the outlet itself, the quality of food there is literally 💩?

Facebook User Celena Ho posted a 2-star review of her bad experience at the ice cream stall. 

Well, one “Fantasy Desserts” shop at Orchard Gateway showed how to maintain the fantasy of good reviews – threaten to sue your customers if they leave bad reviews.

Fantasy Desserts called the review ‘fake’ and ‘ruining the company’s reputation’, and threatened to sue to customer. 
Like what. The purpose of reviews is exactly that – to review. Not an advertisement. 

Of course, if they still leave bad reviews, engage in pouty refutes about your opinion why the customer isn’t always right – with your personal Facebook account.

And, all the while, continue being a smug vindictive person.

It goes on wayyyy longer than this. If you’re a fan of PR disaster dramas – here’s the thread to follow it all.


A sensible comment from a sensible business owner for some relief from the drama. 

Then, when you realise you just made a massive PR disaster, attempt to apologise, but not without trying to slide in your own product advertisement whilst apologising, just to demonstrate how sincere you are in saying sorry to the customer.

To put this whole saga in context: a customer bought ice-cream from a shop but was not pleased with the standard of ice-cream they served, so posted a review on Facebook saying so.

The ice-cream that supposedly cost $10++

While Fantasy Desserts did not outright ‘delete’ her review, they removed the review function on their page – effectively removing all reviews. She responded to that with a post that went viral, acquiring hundreds of shares from Singaporeans, which incited the PR disaster to unfold when a representative decided to step in with her personal FB account.

The whole incident was blown out of proportion, but very aptly demonstrates the importance of good PR.

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