Parking Fees to be Implemented at Military Camps and Bases

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Starting from 1st April, permanent staff at 6 military camps and bases will have to start paying season parking fees. This is on top of the 10 existing military premises with such charges.

Military Camp

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While the Minder has declined to review which are the affected camps and bases, TODAY understood that Khatib Camp and Mowbray Camp in Chua Chu Kang will see the changes.

“Due to their proximity to public amenities, the car parks in these camps are deemed to have market value”



Source: Singapore Legal Service

This new policy will affect all permanent staff. Contractors who use the car park lot regularly are also not spared. However, Operationally Ready National Servicemen returning for In-Camp Training or other related activities will not be charged.

Immediately after MOE pushed out their policy for teachers in national schools and JCs, the Mindef decided to follow suit.

Starting with the turn of the new month. drivers should remember to top up their cash card or purchase the required car decal. While I seriously hope it is an April Fool’s joke, I believe it is not.

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