Passenger claims to be from 369 gang, refuses to pay taxi fare.

A dashcam of an unruly Singaporean refusing to pay his taxi fare and even threatening the taxi driver that he was from the “369” (or “sa-la-kau”) gang has gone viral online recently.

The video can be seen below.

From the video, first released on 23 Feb, the passenger accused the driver of not making a right turn and so missed his original destination.

He then asked the driver to reverse, but the driver simply stated it was not possible as they were on a one-way lane.

The passenger then demanded the driver stop, which the driver complied, and then gave him around half of the actual taxi fare.

The driver was, understandably, put off and asked the passenger to pay the full fare, to which the passenger adamantly refused.

The driver then threatened to call the police, but the passenger got out of the taxi.

Passenger leaving taxi after not paying the full fare

The taxi driver also got out of the taxi and warned him “(translated) you’re Singaporean right, don’t run away!”.

The passenger shouted that he was from 369 gang and presumably just left after that.

369 gang

The “369”/”sa-la-kau” gang, is a street gang/secret society in Singapore, that was infamous back in the 70’s and 80’s, where they participated in many gang fights, drug dealings, extortions and even prostitution.

Since a major crackdown by the Singapore Police Force in the 1980s, gang activity in Singapore has markedly reduced, though we still do hear of their activities from time to time.

It is illegal to be in a secret society in Singapore – we even have a Secret Society Branch dedicated to targeting these gangs.

So, claiming to be from one in camera is not exactly a smart move.

Taxi Fare Evasion

The penalty for taxi fare evasion is $200 for first-time offenders and $400 for second-time offenders.

Still, that doesn’t deter some self-entitled twats from evading taxi fares as and when they feel like it.

Fortunately, in the age of dashcams, taxi drivers now have video evidence to prove their case when encountering an obnoxious fare-evading passenger.

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