Typical People You Meet When You Commute in Singapore

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5 types of people you will meet during your commute


Welcome to the Morning Series where we talk about the start of a typical day in a Singaporean life.

The last time we discussed the best routine to conquer your morning (Read more about it here).

Today we will talking about the 4 types of people you will meet during your commute to (and maybe fro) work or school. Let’s get started shall we?

Typical People - Office Ladies Starter Pack


We are not talking about all office ladies but most of them tend to do this.

They are more or less oblivious or not conscious of the people around them because they will be on their Korean/Hong Kong/etc drama on their devices.

It felt like the only thing they hear is Raffles Place or City Hall.

Only then will they move or seem to awaken from their hypnotic slumber because Oppa has cast a spell on them (I was a fangirl once, I understand your pain).

Typical People - Kiasu Starter Pack


Sometimes you will see these Aunties and Uncles talking on the phone but most of the time they will act dumb or oblivious.

The worst thing they like to do is when there is like an inch of a gap between you and the door, they will decide that it is time to join in the already crowded train/bus.

No idea of what is personal space.

Typical People - Gap and Space

The best part is after they manged to squeeze into the gap, their barang barang will swing around and managed to hit you at every stop.

And yes, if they are on the phone, they will still be on the phone when you get off.

Typical People - Student Starter Pack


These are the aunties and uncles who believe that they can abuse their elderly status

Maybe it’s the I-am-older mindset in them or the selfish mentality, I cannot decide which is.

But I know that sometimes they try to sneak into queues during rush hour.

They will queue on one side of the line and when all hell break loose, they will pretend and simple stand in front of you.

As if their bag is in line for one queue and themselves are in another.

One stone, two birds.


Typical People - Bully Starter Pack


What are crowd bullies? These are the self-entitled people. When the lane is going forward, they purposely go against the flow.

When it is rush hour, they purposely walk slowly and block the way.

When you need to keep to the left side of the escalator, they choose to stand on the right.

These can be anyone and it is extremely inconsiderate.

You might know that not every stereotype is exactly as described but each description paints a picture in your mind.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to get to their destination.

Be considerate and space conscious to your fellow commuter. Don’t be a commute crowd bully.


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