Pink Beach in Lombok?! Here’s why you should go!

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Located on the eastern part of Lombok island, Tangsi beach is one of the three beaches in Asia and 10 known beaches in the world with pink sand. Two beaches are known to be in Greece, one in Italy, one in Bermuda, one in the Bahamas, two in the Caribbean, one in the Philippines and two in Indonesia (the other one is on the island of Flores).

Pink Beach

The reason the sand is pink is because the incoming sea water often bring millions of dead red coral fragments from the seabed. When the fragments get to the beach, they blend with the sand and gives the beach a pinkish tone. What a phenomenal sight.


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Pink beach is only 20 minutes from Komodo Island using medium sized boat. The beach sand is pinkish from pink coral. It is a small island but it is a great place to snorkel. You will find big fish and other sea animals like small octopus, starfish near the beach. The water is crystal clear. Unlike the usual small fish found in shallow water, this island has big fish to boot. Feast your eyes on the elusive Manta Rays if you are lucky enough!!

Padar Island

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Take a hike up Padar Island, Once you are at the top of hill, be prepared to get your mind blown away as you will witness it’s three colored beaches. You’ll be able to see a pink sand beach, a black sand beach, and a white sand beach, separated only by land ridges and the deep blue sea. 

Komodo Island National Park

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Most of the Komodo Dragons you’ll see are too lazy to even look at you. Komodo Dragons will attack and hunt their own prey, mainly deer my size wondering around the island. You may chance upon them feeding if you are lucky enough (which is only once a month according to the guide).
Enjoy wild life, marine life and life, all only at Pink Beach Lombok at Indonesia.

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