Pissed Off? Flame someone

When people are angry or just simply in a bad mood,

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they would usually find someone online to flame. No…not set someone on fire…I meant this

Yes, we usually just scold someone or just nitpick with someone’s opinions.

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However, one man expressed his anger in a rather fiery manner (pardon the puns…)

Man gets 4 months’ jail for burning 3 Polcams because he was in bad mood

From TodayOnline

Lim Sin Ann, 52, set fire to 3 police surveillance cameras, or Polcams, using burning newspapers. He was at least smart enough to have tried to hide his face by using an umbrella.

Lim has been sentenced to 4 months in jail
Hence, only flame people online even if you are in a very bad mood. Have an interesting way to calm yourself down? Share with us in the comments below.
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