Portable Charging Station, will this be the next big thing in Singapore?

Low Battery Image (Portable Charging Station)

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Portable Charging Station: The solution to this century’s mobile problem?


Imagine this, you are walking down the street and suddenly you hear a faint beep. That beep is indicating that your mobile is low on battery! Not to worry at all, because you brought along your own portable charger, to ensure your battery lasts all day! With the weight of the portable charger in your pocket/handbag, do you ever wonder if there is a better way around this first world problem?


No Juice for your Mobile Phone?

Low battery is a common problem in our time. When your phone is your communication device, music player, portable game console and also your go-to social media device, keeping it alive all day with multiple functions in the background can be draining.


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A Solution? Free Charging Station

Some companies have erected free charging stations for their customers. Companies in Singapore includes SMRT and Samsung, where free charging stations are commonly known and used. Singapore is not the only country that offers free charging stations, LinkNYC, a stand alone charging station, too provides such service throughout New York City.


Source: Sergey Baklykov / Youtube


But I have to stay in the same mall or leave my phone behind at the station!

If a free charging station is not your thing, portable charger sharing might just be the thing. Companies like Egen from Korea and Jie Dian from China are already providing these services to the people.


Egen’s portable chargers are available in some convenience stores. The company uses a barcode to register the rental. Each barcode is given to the customers once they sign up for the membership through an app. Upon scanning the barcode, members can use the portable chargers up till 24 hours and return them to the nearest convenience store.


Source: jjt6703/ Youtube


Jie Dian’s portable chargers rental works similarly. However, instead of the staff at the convenience store scanning your barcode, you get to do everything by yourself. Sign up for a membership on their app and scan the QR code attached to the portable charging station. Once everything is registered, a portable charger will pop out from the station, ready to use! A example of a portable charging machine can be seen below: 


Source: Sergei Panasiuk / Youtube


What do you think?

The great thing is such creative solutions are available in the world. But the sad thing is it is not in the Singapore market yet. What do you think? Will portable charging station be a hit in Singapore? Let us know in the comments down below!

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