Prague, Russia, Budapest… Eastern Europe is THE place to holiday in!

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Singaporeans are increasingly developing a wider palate in the realms of travel, with a greater amount of travellers holidaying in the Baltic and Balkan regions in Europe.

Familiar countries like Japan, Korea, and even the UK are becoming increasingly spurned by the influx of Singaporeans looking for somewhere more exotic. And apparently, places like Prague, Russia, Belarus and Croatia fit the bill. The unique architecture, tasty food, and even the opportunity to see the dazzling Northern Lights in select countries are driving factors in the increase in tourists to these areas.

Also, there are an increasing amount of travel agencies offering full packages to these outlandish locations with everything is provided and taken care of which makes it particularly enticing as one is in a relatively alien location, adding an element of safety.

Chan Brothers Travel’s marketing communications executive Justine Koh: “Even on our free-and-easy tours, what we have is a 24-hour emergency hotline so there’s always that assurance that while they are on tour, they are not completely by themselves … There is extra protection in a way, beyond insurance.”


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