Pre-school Blames 3-year-old girl’s brother for ‘Horrific Bruise’, Refuses to show CCTV footage

After the news of the possible pre-school teacher abusing the 3-year-old girl, the pre-school had denied all allegations of the incident happening on their premises, and directs the blame to her brother in causing hurt.

The pre-school, which we understand is located in Ang Mo Kio, pushed the allegation of possible abuse towards the girl’s family, citing that they noticed the bruise before she entered school.

If you want to know which school might that be, we can piece together the puzzle here.

According to The Straits Times, they understand that the pre-school is located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4.

According to the mother, the principal cited that their school is Christian based.

Not to mention any names, but a simple google search of both factors combined will give you only 1 result, you can judge if they are the ones behind it.

Now to continue the story, the pre-school said that they carried out daily routine checks on their students, including the morning of 14 Feb when the incident happened.

They claimed to discover a bruise below the girl’s eye, which Ms Claudia Kwan had told the school that was caused by an accident at home involving her son.

The pre-school then told the media that they discovered another bruise on the girl’s ear two hours later, which might be again be caused by her brother.

Sounds pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Of cause, there are no ways to back up the stories told by both sides if it is without evidence.

However, the pre-school did have the evidence that might prove them innocent or guilty of this incident, but denied the girl’s mother when she requested to see it.

The police contacted the school the same evening, and “since then, we have been extending our fullest cooperation on its investigations”, the school said.

They accused the victim’s brother of causing hurt to the victim, and spread the allegation to the press.

Ms Kwan disputed the pre-school’s statement on Monday afternoon.

She explained that the bruise on the girl’s cheek was caused by her brother accidentally bumping into her when he was exercising.

“The bruise was so faded that it’s not very obvious. It’s very different from the fresh horrific bruise on her ear,” she added.

For now, it is just the two of them throwing words at each other. The only conclusive evidence that can prove either side is at fault is the CCTV footage from inside the classroom, which the pre-school refused to share.

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