Premier League 2018 (Singapore Edition)

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S.League but not for long

Singapore’s very own football league is finally changing its name as part of efforts to revive its poor fortunes.

S.League was founded back in 1996 and it is the Singaporean professional league for men’s association football clubs. As the country’s primary football competition, it provides the highest level of domestic football competition.


Singapore Premier League is here to stay

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) said on Wednesday (March 21) that the S.League will now be known as the Singapore Premier League. As a promise to make the national sport more entertaining and fast-moving to attract a wider audience, the FAS have identified four pillars,  a premium platform, professionalism, sustainability and a vibrant football culture.

The Key Performance Indicator for the domestic league is to ensure that the fan engagement is sustained and sustainable.  Mr. Lim Kia Tong expressed that ” If I can point to at least three or four young jewels that emerge – where it gets people talking – then I would say that we would have had a successful season.”

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Just last December, the newly-elected FAS president, Lim Kia Tong, announced the first round of changes by including a set requirement of under-23 players for each club, which was a reduction in the number of imports and the retention of the nine teams that competed in 2017.

With all the changes, SPL aims to bring more fans back to the stadiums. The FAS is also looking to improve both the hardware side of things which is to include jumbotron screens at every SPL stadium and on the sofer side, they aim to close the gap between clubs and schools a lot more. More clubs will also get to play some of their league matches this season at our very own National Stadium as part of their tie-up with Singapore Sports Hub.

With so many changes up and coming,  could this finally be the very breakthrough of Singapore‘s very own football league? Comment and let us know what you think about Singapore‘s very own football league? What are some other changes you think should happen?


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