PRICE HIKE: Renewal of bike-sharing app passes. Yay or nay?

All good things eventually have to come to an end- Mobike and ofo passes are no exception. As we approach the end of their promotional periods, new prices are set for the renewal of Mobike and ofo passes.

What used to be $5 for a 180-day Mobike pass will now cost $52.99 for the same subscription period- an astonishing ten-fold increase.



A 60-day ofo pass which cost $1.50 during the promotional period will now cost $15- also a ten-fold increase.

While there are some consumers who are understanding towards the increased prices, there are also others who have their eyebrows raised concerning their decisions on resubscribing to the service.


“I really like the concept of bike sharing. But if it’s going to cost me S$50 for 180 days, it’s not worth it. Some of these Mobikes have brake issues and other faults,” said a user of the bike-sharing app Mobike.


“It’s understandable the prices have to be increased as the previous prices were really cheap and were meant to be promotional. The new prices are still reasonable for me as I am a heavy user of bike sharing,” an avid user (almost an ambassador) of ofo stated.


“With the new ofo pass pricing, we will be able to continue maintaining and growing our fleet size to ensure it meets the demand for more and more shared bike journeys,” ofo said, adding that the company will be including new features to its app in the future.


The prices have been deemed “affordable and economical” by the bike-sharing companies.


Well, the caifan stall (economy rice stall) at some places charges $5 for 1 meat and 2 veg- I see the economic link there.


We have seen the convenience that these bike-sharing apps bring us. Would you renew your passes with the new prices? Like = YES. Share = just share it anyway 🙂



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