Part time Singapore Police Force / Part time Samaritan?


On 26 June, there was a man dressed in security uniform on the North-East Line directing traffic and ensuring the safety of the commuters.

He was soft-spoken and polite, advising the public to be careful of the closing doors and of their belongings.

Any cases of people touching ladies inappropriately were to be reported to him “for their safety.”

A video was uploaded by Eric, questioning his credentials, seeing as how he was dressed in a security guard’s uniform.

Before Eric reached his destination, he overheard the man speaking on the phone, ” Good evening, Sir. I want to report to you that the train is very safe now, no one is doing illegal things, can I end my work shift now?”


Here is the video:

The public pointed out that he was a Samaritan who should be praised for his actions, others realised he was a bit “off” but otherwise, harmless. All in all, mostly positive and encouraging remarks.


We can’t forget the negative of course…


Stomp has followed up with the story and understands that the main claiming to “work closely with the police” does not work with or for the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Maybe LTA and SMRT should consider hiring him during this “testing” period for crowd control?


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