PYTHON sighted at Bukit Batok wet market

The crowd that gathered at a wet market in Bukit Batok on Saturday morning (April 28) was not your average crowd queuing for a famous chicken rice or laksa stall. Reportedly, a python lurking on the roof of a shelter caused quite the stir.

Singaporeans being Singaporeans, a crowd of people soon gathered to take photos and videos of the bizarre creature- just like how people would flock to the scene where a rare Pokémon is sighted.

Wildlife rescue group Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) was informed about the sighting.


Deputy chief executive officer of Acres said: “We believe the python was eating a rat when it was first sighted. The snake had gone back into some roof gap and could not be located.”


Although he assured that “there is nothing to be worried about”, the knowledge of the lurking existence of the python might keep patrons of the market and residents in the area on the edge of their seats.



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