How to Beat the Morning Rush with this Quick Routine

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Quick Morning Routine to Stay fresh while Beating the morning crowd!


Singapore is very humid. Which means, be prepared to sweat and sweat and…sweat (you get the picture). Each of these little tips and tricks is adopted from summer trends on the internet, beauty gurus and some mummies and aunties! These are the tips I live by and carry with me every time I head out (other than going Kopitiam lah). Here are tips and tricks to stay fresh, calm and cool while beating the morning crowd!


Pack these Carry On

There are a few things that are already considered a must have in your bags (Unisex).

Wet wipes/Tissues: Use these to clean off the sweat and oil from your face to give you a quick fresh feel. Get bigger ones for your body if you’ve got extra space in your bag.

Oil Blotter: This is for our folks who have an oilier skin or for ladies who have makeup on. Use the oil blotter to blot oil off your face by gently dabbing your face instead of dragging it across.

Face mist: After blotting your face, give your face a quick mist throughout and use a damp tissue to dab your face. For ladies, you can proceed to touch up your make up and for Gentlemen you’re done!



Always, ALWAYS prepare a set of outfit or have an idea of an outfit before the next morning. No matter the reason behind be it you thinking that by planning the way Steve Job does can make you successful or that you have a style on Instagram to keep up to. The main reason is simple, you don’t care about anything but sleep in the early morning. Here are some examples of a quick plan next week:



This is for the ladies, for makeup try getting swipe once items like Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar or Loreal Infallible Pro Contour Palette. Quick and Simple!



Buy some BBQ spring chicken from Cold storage and shred it into pieces, removing the bones, fats and unwanted skin. There are many ways you can take this versatile piece of meat into many many breakfast recipes. Here are 25 great examples from Womanista’s blog!

shredded chicken


Monitor public transports’ timings

Use apps like My Transport App to monitor when your bus is coming or the fastest MRT route. If there are any updates on train breakdowns or delays in bus services, they will send a notification to let you know!

Quick Morning App

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