READY PLAYER THREE: Pump attendant speaks up regarding the #10dollardriver incident

Now that we have seen two sides of the story- from Ms Kelly Yeo, who submitted the initial post and from the BMW driver, the elderly pump attendant has also spoken up.

Seeking closure to the #10dollardriver incident, the pump attendant said in an interview with Shin Min Daily News, that the whole incident was sparked by a misunderstanding and the matter is now being handled by the company (Caltex Singapore).


He also commented that netizens should stop the unnecessary harassment towards the BMW driver, after learning that they had exposed the driver’s identity online and even made harassing calls.


Furthermore, when asked for his response to the driver’s allegations of him having a bad attitude, the elderly simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders.


Showing no hint of animosity in his responses to the interview, it is admirable how the elderly reacted despite how seemingly unjust the situation might have been for him. We salute you uncle!



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