Reasons to catch Wonder Woman

Reasons to catch Wonder Woman


What with the mixed reviews of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, DC has been playing catch up with Marvel, especially with the recent well received release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

The slew of panned movies, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad (Man of Steel: not so much) might serve as an impetus for viewers to turn away from the DC franchise.

With Wonder Woman, the film aims to be an introductory jump start to the Justice League which will be shown in Nov later this year.


Cinematography and Visuals

Image via wonderwomanfilm


The use of colour contrast in the trailer is a good sign of what’s ahead.

Seemingly a different take on the dual tonal colours in Batman v Superman and Man of Steel, it provides a refreshing spectacle, especially with the red and yellow costume, vibrant blue sea, greenery and gritty landscapes.


Origin story/Time Period

Image via screenrant


The decision to pitch Wonder Woman on her own, set in the period of WW1 is meant for viewers to understand the fully fleshed out character over the decades.

Whilst trying to save the world during the “war to end all wars”, we see her journey prior Batman v Superman.



Image via IMDb


Being the first major female superhero film in modern times, Wonder Woman will attempt to be a compelling complete story telling experience rather than a pure action movie.

Diverting the stigma of DC films will be crucial and its success would propel Justice League onto a stronger plane to compete with Marvel.

Wonder Woman is also the founding member of Justice League. She is a well-loved character that has her own standalone series in the comics, yet sadly underrepresented in film.


Gal Gadot

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr


Not only is she beautiful, she has brains and brawn as well.Having won the title of Miss Israel when she was 18 in 2004,

Having won the title of Miss Israel when she was 18 in 2004, she later competed in the Miss Universe Pageant.

After turning 20, she was enlisted into the Israeli Defence Force and served 2 years.

Acting was not her goal in life as she initially pursued law and international relations in university.




Those are some reasons to catch the film.  It might be good, who knows. As long as we don’t associate it with all the drama that the previous DC films created :/


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