Remember #SaltBae? Singapore wants to invest in it.

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Remember this guy?

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Yup, it’s #Saltbae, the Turkish steak restaurant owner who became a viral sensation in January 2017 when that video (above) of him sexily spraying salt on meat captured hearts all over the Internet.

Well, he is actually quite a successful owner of the Nusr-Et Steakhouse, which has branches globally in Miami and Manhattan, alongside outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha.

And guess what: Singapore wants a steak in the steakhouse.

Oh, I wrote that wrong. Singapore wants a stake in the steakhouse. Meaning they want to invest in the restaurant. Not that they want to eat at the restaurant.

Actually, maybe it could be both.

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But anyways, reports have just come in that Temasek holdings and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), are in talks to acquire D.ream Group, a subsidiary of Dogus Group.

This D.ream Group owns a group of high-end restaurants, which includes the Nusr-Et Steakhouse, and the investment is valued at S$1.5 billion.

The investment would also include S$200 million in equity.

The key rationale behind purchasing restaurants like Nusr-Et is that they are seen as luxury chains and have reduced exposure to parts of the market where other brands have struggled, as reported by The Financial Times.

Well, at least now we know what kind of investments a portion of our reserves go into.

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