Review: Collective Hill Country, Texas

1. A combination of ruggedness and luxury

Perched atop a scenic hill in Wimberley, Texas, Collective Hill Country is extending the vision of company founder and CEO Peter Mack, who wanted to create a line of bespoke getaways combining luxury and ruggedness. That’s exactly what this outpost does, with 12 spacious tents equipped with plush fittings and a setting overlooking Montesino Ranch.

2. Sophisticated, eclectic design

Collective Retreats’ head of design Cassie Novick grew up all over the country and helped her parents redo homes from the ground up. This diverse exposure to design gave her an immense sense of aesthetic possibility, which comes through in the property’s unique flourishes. Guest tents feature blonde hardwood floors and Southwestern accents; fresh vases of wildflowers atop antique coffee tables; and airy, modern bathrooms.

3. Local gourmet food

For each meal, chef Stef Immel channels an authentic Texas culinary experience. Take dinner, where guests can opt for a “BBQ-in-a-Box”, with pre-prepped sides and a sous-vide protein, ready to toss on the grill as you lounge at the limestone-laden Main Lodge. Alternatively, opt for a seven course farm-to-table meal, which features organic vegetables from a neighbouring Wimberley farm and main dishes of succulent beef and wild boar sourced from local ranchers. Gourmet s’mores – made with grapefruit-infused marshmallows, chocolate fudge and homemade shortbread cookies – are also available.

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4. Serenity and adventure just footsteps away

In addition to on-site hiking trails, guests can take advantage of concierge experiences such as in-room yoga and Pilates, with a calming soundtrack provided by nature: Collective Hill Country is home to two threatened bird species – the black-capped vireo and the golden-cheeked warbler. Attractions such as boutique wineries, heart-pounding zip-lining and fly fishing are also found mere minutes away.

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5. A focus on low-tech, and low-waste

While you can check your email at the Main Lodge, there’s no WiFi in the rooms, and that’s a deliberate choice: Collective Retreats has found their clientele is eager to unplug and re-establish their connection to nature while they’re here. Along those lines, all disposable items are biodegradable in an effort to be good stewards of the land and the community.

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