Review: Virgin Experience for Halloween Horror Nights 8

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Halloween Horror Nights 8
A few days ago, a few editors (including myself) set out with a brave heart, to conquer the Halloween Horror Nights 8. As it was my first time at Halloween Horror Nights and Universal Studios Singapore, I would like to share the stories of the scare houses I have been to and my personal experiences for the potential first timers at HHN8. 

The basic format of HHN8 remains, with five haunted houses, two scare zones and four performances. The first, Scaremony, takes place as you walk into the park, and the second one in the theatre. Since it’s literally the first horrific thing you’ll see when you get it, the Scaremony isn’t really an optional performance for park attendees – stay for a little song and dance, some pyrotechnics, before entering the main area. 

Haunted Houses 

A story which brings you back to Hong Kong ‘Gu Wak Zai’ era, Where the main protagonist named Lu Xi Fa (Lucifer), leader of the Chinese secretive cult, the Killumintati Cult. Where ceremonial sacrifices are made offered to their beliefs. Rituals like humanoid bats given birth in the body of the sacrifice to bats flying above your head and vampire cult conquering the nightclub.
DON’T expect to see Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan. No no, they are not there. It’s a story of a vampire cult showcasing their rituals, mirror maze and a whole lot of uncertainty. But do anticipate LOTS of interaction with the actors in the haunted houses. 

Expect yourself to get separated from your friends. Walk through the different paths that lead you to nightmares. If you are faint-hearted, I STRONGLY suggest you to go muster up your courage DAYS before you experience it! Because dying once isn’t enough. The fear of seeing another group head off in another direction already puts you in a dreadful place – one that even a demonic stripper doing sexy moves on stage cannot snap you out from – as you wander around in smaller groups.

NETFLIX!! One of the most hype American science fiction-horror web TV Series, a story about scientific research that involves Human test Subjects. I didn’t felt out of place even though I did not watch Stranger Things on Netflix as selected clips were screened at the queue lines to get you acquainted with the scenes you’ll be reliving.

A girl named Eleven with special powers escaped the laboratory and was found by a group of friends who took her in. It was then revealed later, in a lab experiment, that she was able to make contact with a creature from another dimension, accidentally opening a gate to the Up-Side Down. Watch Eleven fight the creatures and closing the portal to save humanity.

It is the FIRST scare house that I have been to which is not based on ghostly characters. But reassured that it will still be scary as heck, as they bring you right into the storyline as you wander into the world of Stranger Things. I, myself got so interested that I went to purchase Netflix just to know more about the story after the visit to the scare house. Series is still on-going, quickly watch if you had yet to. 

A love story went wrong. Poisoned by her unfaithful husband Lemon, Lady Oiwa returns for revenge.

Lemon betrayed her with another woman named Oume. In order to be able to be with Oume, Lemon poisoned Oiwa, disfiguring her face and ultimately pushing her off the cliff. Oiwa came back as a ghost seeking vengeance to those who were part of her mishap. Haunting her ex-husband Lemon causing him to hallucinate and killing Oume and later jumping off the same cliff where Oiwa met her death. Some say they saw a woman pushing Lemon off the cliff. Till these days, that story remained as one of the most spooky ghost stories in Japan.   

The Haunting of Oiwa, I remember reading this story just before I went to HHN 8 Singapore. I was really impressed by the art and cosplays of the participating party in the scare house. You won’t be expecting all the ‘kawaii’ and ‘sugoii’ when you enter the scare house. Definitely a must-go for those interested in the Edo era Japan. 

Pontianak!!! A very common ghost story in Singapore, I am sure every one of us had heard a thing or two relating to this story, some of us may have even encountered one before. For those who don’t know yet (don’t lie), the Pontianak is said to give the most spine-chilling feeling to anyone listening to the story. It is based on Kampong Malay folklore of spirits of women who died while pregnant usually appearing with long hair covering their face, in long spooky white clothing.

Heard and read numerous stories by the daredevils sighting in Singapore itself! I was lucky never to have seen one nor would I want to see one (haha). Expect a spine-chilling atmosphere as you brave through the house filled with realistic plays put up by the team.

The only drawback about Pontianak is that some props from previous shows can be identified in this haunted house.

Imagine ‘Song ka’ taken to a whole new level, a Chinese story where a lady deliberately left the stove on and burned her family to death when she found out that her husband was cheating with her son’s wife. Ultimately suffers from the 18 level of hells fate when she passed, forcing her to go through all the pain repeating her trial over and over again in hell.

You will share the same fate walking through the misfortunate story in the Pagoda Of Peril, you will be greeted with the Chinese temple, the smell of incense and witnessing the path to prison in hell. Very interesting setup and storyline, really worth the heart-attacks.  

Ratings (From favourite to least favourite):

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Pagoda Of Peril
  3. Killuminati
  4. Pontianak
  5. Haunting Of Oiwa

On the whole, my virgin experience of HHN8 was a good one. Although the queue was long, the plays put up by the team was quite realistic. Use your sense of touch, sound, and smell to bring yourself into a maze of horror. However, I highly recommend you to spend a bit more to get their express tickets to shorten the waiting time and a portable mini fan for those who don’t like waiting outdoors. 

Let us know your top picks! And share this with your friends so you can plan your route before arrival!

Also, selected rides in USS will be open till late on events nights. Take a break from the scares, and hop on for thrills on rides include:

  • TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle
  • Revenge Of The Mummy
  • Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
  • Battlestar Galactica: CYLON

Other rides that will be open till late include:

  • Accelerator
  • Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey
  • Enchanted Airways
  • Shrek 4-D Adventure
  • King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round.

 HHN8 Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Halloween Horror Nights 8

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