Rolex Watch Swapped during Carousell Transaction

Remember when we mentioned Carouhell and most of you probably thought it can’t be that bad? Well, it appears that another seller has a bad experience and this time, it even made headline news…

Here is the story:

The Carousell seller, a 30-year-old property agent called Tang Guoxian, agreed on a deal with an interested buyer for a SGD$35,000 Rolex watch. He was hoping to use the money earned to buy a house with his fiancee.

After they agreed to meet on a Tuesday at about 5.45pm, he asked his fiancee to meet up with the buyer at the void deck of his house. The buyer wanted to examine the watch before buying and after some time, decided that he has reservations about buying the watch.

He then insisted on personally putting the watch back into its box, an action which did not raise any suspicion for the fiancee. However, when Tang Guoxian returned home at night, he felt something amissed when the colour of the watch was slightly different and it felt lighter.

It was only then he realised that his Rolex watch has been swapped with a fake one.

Tang Guoxian wanted to confront the “buyer” and thus contacted him but it appears that the buyer has since disactivated his social media accounts and went into hiding. Unfazed, Tang Guoxian managed to find the buyer’s address.

When he reached the address, all he could find was the buyer’s mother. Upon hearing what her son has done, the mother apologised to Mr Tang on behalf of her son and even went on her knees to beg for forgiveness.
You know what, I thought of Jay Chou’s song 听妈妈的话 when I read this line…

A man, who claimed to be the father of the buyer, said in an interview with 新明日报 that his family is disappointed to have heard about his son’s act. Let’s hope the son realises how much hurt he has dealt to his parents and face the music.

A police report has been made and investigations are ongoing.


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