Scammer STEALS $53k intended for disabled baby’s surgery from crowdfunding website

Crowdfunding websites such as, are a reminder that there is still good in the world. The act of giving without expecting anything in return is testament to humans’ aptitude for kindness.

Therefore , it is absolutely heartbreaking to know that there are some despicable enough to scam websites such as these.

The Scam

Three police reports have been made against an individual targeting beneficiaries of crowdfunding website. A woman who goes by the alias Ashley Lee, has allegedly scammed beneficiaries of more than $60,000.

The reports allege that ‘Ms Lee’ preyed on distressed mothers, offering to help them pay for hospital bills, or helping to sell them products at a discounted price.

The greatest loss was suffered by housewife Duong Thi Hai Nhi, a 23 year-old Vietnamese national living in Singapore. Her baby, who suffers from Apert syndrome – a genetic disorder that results in incomplete skull growth, requires immediate surgery.

In July 2017, Madam Hai Nhi managed to raise $53,981 from She was then approached by ‘Ms Lee’, who gained Madam Hai Nhi’s trust by accompanying her on her daughter’s checkups.  ‘Ms Lee’ offered to act as a guardian and help pay for the hospital bills.

However, after transferring the $53,000 to Lee,  Madam Hai Nhi has not heard from her since.  Said Madam Hai Nhi:

My Daughter’s head surgery were to take place next week, but now it has to be postponed because the hospital told us they have not received the deposit.

Two other individuals have also filed reports for similar scams. This may be the first known case of an online scammer taking advantage of crowdfunding website beneficiaries.


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