Scary stories of army camps..

Scary army camps in Singapore…



There have been many haunting stories regarding army camps in Singapore.

The more common of which includes the Charlie company 3rd door bunk, disembowelled recruit, little girl and her grandmother, the shaking cupboard.

How about some personalised stories?

Old Seletar Camp (Near Jalan Kayu)

A forum user posted about how his father experienced ghostly sightings during guard duty.

As he and his buddy passed by the obstacles course, which was deep within the camp, they witness hundreds of black shadows running and hovering around the area.

They were unable to observe their faces as it was a blurred patch of black, according to the poster’s father. They quickly went away and did not encounter any more strange incidents throughout the rest of the night.

Click here for the full story.

Sungei Gedong Camp

A SgForum user posted about his time in Sungei Gedong Camp 1 (there were 2 separate camps in the past) The rear gate was apparently known to be a ground for many sightings.

During one of his duties, a detail reported that they saw “something” and were so frightened that they ran back to the guard room. The guard control told them to avoid that area afterwards.

Other stories include his platoon mate who had the “third eye”, and this allowed him to “see” and “hear” Japanese troops marching in Tekong Camp 1.

He brought up the note that Sungei Gedong was the site of the first few landing sites for the Japanese invasion of Singapore.

Click here for the full story.



Here are some of my experiences:

Pulau Tekong (School 4, Rocky Hill)

I woke up constantly around 1-am every morning without fail.

On one occasion as I turned my head to the left, I saw a shadowy figure sitting on the first unoccupied bed of the bunk. I brushed it off as a hallucination and went back to sleep.

During my “POP” route march,  I asked my sergeant for ghost stories.

He mentioned about a sispec who had died many years back. His ghost reportedly sat on his bunk as he stared at his buddy who was unable to prevent his death.

Other incidents include:

– Window overlooking forested area opened in the night despite me never once opening it (Handle was in locked position)

– Discovering long hairs on my bed in the morning

– Buddy notifying me in the morning that a soldier wearing old army gear was standing in front of our bedside in the middle of the night.   (He went back to sleep as he thought it was just his imagination)

Kranji Camp 1 (Mowbray Camp)

I was doing guard duty directly across the sign-in office in the middle of the night. There was an

There was an unused and unlit guard post a few meters behind mine.

Throughout my duty, I felt uncomfortable as though someone was watching me.

When i heard a whispered, “psss” in my ear, a chill ran straight down my spine and I froze, it was too close and distinct to be an inanimate object (like a leaf rustling).

My friend who was posted to that camp updated me a few months ago about an incident when his trainee apparently saw a figure in the guard post which I encountered a few years back.

According to him, It affected the trainee so much that his hand was shaking as he took a smoke break.


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